Enriching communities we serve by connecting people.

About Us

The People of FastBridge Fiber

The founders of FastBridge are industry veterans who, like you, are frustrated with slow internet service and frequent network outages in their own neighborhoods. They’ve seen it all and want to impact change.

Using their 50 years of combined experience building and operating fiber optic networks, they’ve partnered with a private equity fund with over $250B in assets. FastBridge is extending its fiber network to communities like yours that don’t yet have access to fast, dependable internet.

Who we are

Our values revolve around serving customers, building communities, and creating a culture where employees can thrive.


simplicity, agility & speed

Community Focused

Passionate employees


We’re building a sustainable, fast, and reliable network that will outpace the demands of tomorrow’s devices

Every aspect of our lives has changed profoundly with the Internet. We rely on our internet connection for work, healthcare, education, entertainment, shopping, and communicating with our friends and family.

Fiber makes our lives better - it’s that simple - and that is what drives FastBridge to provide the best customer service possible. We’re transparent and responsive. What you see is what you get.

Straightforward and simple pricing with no hidden fees
Live customer support
Easy online signup, paperless billing, and automatic payments.

We’re fully committed to the community. We know that hiring knowledgable, passionate local experts is the way to go.

Hiring experts from the local community
Improving your community’s infrastructure
Network investment in your neighborhood increases property values

Fiber is the fastest and most reliable technology available. Period. And we’re building it where fiber isn’t available.

Fastest technology available—by a long shot
Brand new end-to-end fiber network
Extremely reliable and future-proof


We’re always looking to expand our team

Get lightning-fast fiber internet today!