How to Significantly Improve Performance from Your Connected Devices

Can Your Internet Fully Support All Your Connected Devices? Not long ago, the only devices in your home that used Wi-Fi were computers and maybe a tablet or a game console. Today, the average home has 21 different devices connected to the internet. That’s five times as many as most homes had just ten years […]

FastBridge Fiber to Begin Construction in Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania-based fiber-optic internet provider, FastBridge Fiber, announces that construction will begin on its 100% fiber-optic internet network in Muhlenberg Township within the coming weeks.  Construction in Muhlenberg Township is scheduled to begin within the month, with customer installations expected to begin early Spring of 2024. Area residents will receive a postcard and a door […]

Why Constructing a Lightning-Fast Fiber Network Takes Time

Bringing you lightning-fast fiber internet – as fast as we possibly can When you’re driving on I-80 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike, do you ever stop to wonder how these highways were first built? Imagine the effort and time it took to survey the land, plot the best route, lay hundreds of miles of asphalt, and […]

Cable Company Pricing: Unraveling the Maze

Cable companies have long been notorious for their complex and ever-changing pricing structures, leaving consumers baffled by the numerous fees, and price increases. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of cable company pricing, exposing hidden fees, discussing box fees, addressing price increases, and share how easy it is to cut the cord on […]

FastBridge Fiber Begins Construction in Williamsport, Bloomsburg and Danville Pennsylvania

FastBridge Fiber, a cutting-edge, fiber-optic internet company, announces today that construction has begun this week in their recently announced expansion to the Greater Williamsport area, and will begin construction in the Town of Bloomsburg and the Danville Borough in the coming weeks. FastBridge’s 100% fiber-optic network will provide residents and businesses in these areas access […]

FastBridge Fiber Extends Fiber Internet Network to More Homes and Businesses in Berks County, PA

As FastBridge Fiber’s fiber-optic internet service becomes available in these areas, residents and businesses will have access to future-proof fiber internet, with symmetrical (upload/download) speeds of up to 2 gigs for residents and up to 10 gigs for business. In a rapidly continuing expansion of its lightning-fast fiber internet network, FastBridge Fiber announced today expansion […]

FastBridge Fiber Announces Expansion to the Greater Williamsport Area

The expansion is part of a multi-year initiative to build fiber internet in areas of Pennsylvania where there hasn’t been a competitive choice or access to fiber-optic internet. FastBridge Fiber, a Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and business fiber internet provider, announces it has completed planning and engineering and will begin construction on its lightning-fast all fiber-optic network […]

Fiber Internet Service Company Building Network in Berks

Construction of an all-fiber network by FastBridge Fiber began in Spring Township in late fall and will expand to surrounding communities in Reading’s western suburbs, officials say. Berks Countians have long lamented the lack of choice of internet service providers, but there’s a new provider establishing a foothold in Reading’s western suburbs that figures to […]

FastBridge Fiber Begins Construction of 100% Fiber-Optic Network in Berks County PA

Over 7,000 homes and 100s of businesses will benefit from symmetrical multi-gig internet speeds on a highly reliable fiber network FastBridge Fiber announced today that construction of its lightning-fast all fiber-optic internet network has officially begun in towns and boroughs in Berks County, PA. FastBridge Fiber’s fully funded investment in Berks County will provide residents and businesses with access to […]

FastBridge Fiber to Bring Its Newly Constructed Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet to Pennsylvania Residents and Businesses

Including Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) in areas within Berks County, PA FastBridge Fiber announces the launch of its company which will provide what has become America’s newest essential utility; ultra-fast internet to support remote working, distance learning, streaming, gaming, cloud connectivity, and the IoT (Internet of Things). Construction of the new all-fiber network is planned to begin […]