What To Expect During Construction Of Our 100% Fiber-Optic Network

Our construction phase is a temporary step in bringing you our 100% fiber-optic network to upgrade your internet. At FastBridge Fiber, there’s a lot of excitement in the air as we build and expand our network because we know that when we’re done, your internet will be incredibly fast and future-proof. We can hardly wait!

Planning Our Fiber Network

When planning a fiber-optic network, a lot happens before we ever put a shovel in the ground. A detailed network design is carefully created. This design includes where the fiber will be placed and considers many factors that impact when it will be installed underground and when it will be placed on existing utility poles. Once planned it’s on to construction.

We'll Be Sure To Let You Know When Construction Is Starting

When we’re ready to start construction in your neighborhood, we’ll place door hangers on homes and yard signs, where possible. And then, just to make sure we don’t miss you, we’ll send postcards.

If you’d like to be notified via email or text simply click the button below to get on our list.

Easements and Rights-of-Way

It probably seems a bit strange to have people walking in your yard – our crew will be working on public rights-of-way and utility easements that may be located on your property. If the fiber in your neighborhood is being buried, we will bury a small underground container between your house and your next-door neighbor. It will contain fiber enabling us to connect the two homes to our network should you choose to do so. Once the work is complete, our crew will leave your property, and you and your neighbors will be much closer to getting fiber internet.

Colored Flags And Paint Mark Existing Utilities

In neighborhoods where we’ll be burying the fiber, there is a system to mark existing utility lines with colored flags and temporary paint. These markers help our crew to avoid damage during construction. These markers are extremely important to prevent interruptions in local utility services and prevent injury from ruptured gas or electricity lines.

Please do not tamper with these flags and markings.

Clean Up & Restoration

Our professional crews will do their best to avoid property damage. We are committed to cleaning up and restoring the property to how we found it as quickly as possible once construction is complete.

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