FastBridge Fiber to Begin Construction in Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania-based fiber-optic internet provider, FastBridge Fiber, announces that construction will begin on its 100% fiber-optic internet network in Muhlenberg Township within the coming weeks. 

Construction in Muhlenberg Township is scheduled to begin within the month, with customer installations expected to begin early Spring of 2024. Area residents will receive a postcard and a door hanger notifying them of the process. Information on what to expect during construction can be found at

Once construction is complete, residents and businesses will have access to affordable and reliable high-speed fiber internet. FastBridge Fiber provides residential internet service plans with speeds starting at 500 Mbps up to 2 Gigs, as well as data networking services available for business customers. FastBridge’s future-proof network allows for streaming, gaming, working and learning from home seamlessly, and supports many connected devices on the network at the same time without interruption.

“FastBridge Fiber will provide many of our residents with a choice for internet service and we are excited to welcome them into our community. This not only expands choice and quality of service, but it is another example of the Township welcoming new business and technology that will benefit residents and local businesses alike.”, said Joe Mench, Assistant Township Manager and Director of Information Technology & Communications.

Those interested in FastBridge Fiber service may visit FastBridge Fiber Check Availability to submit their interest and to be notified once their address is available for service.

About FastBridge Fiber:

FastBridge Fiber is a modern fiber-optic internet service company providing ultra-fast and highly reliable service to homes and businesses over their newly constructed all-fiber network. FastBridge Fiber’s network is built with today’s customers in mind; customers with multiple connected devices demanding the fastest speed and highest reliability. Customers enjoy hassle-free pricing plans and attentive customer service with FastBridge Fiber. FastBridge Fiber is committed to hiring and investing in the local communities they serve.

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