Live TV Stream-ing


[ \ ‘liv tē-vē strē-ming \ ]

A modern replacement for cable TV service, streaming is the transmission of live TV programming (including local sports and news) over the internet in a steady and continuous flow. Not to be confused with on-demand streaming using services like Hulu, Netflix and HBO Max. Lightning-fast fiber internet service is critical for the best streaming experience.
Is it true that live TV streaming replaces cable TV service for local channels, including sports and news?
Absolutely. You can use a live TV streaming service to access all of your favorite programming instead of cable TV. It’s time to “cut the cord” on cable!
Cancel your cable internet and tv services and upgrade to lightning-fast fiber internet with live TV streaming service and you’ll not only save money, but you’ll get a better experience all around.
We think YouTube TV and DirecTV Steam are the best live TV streaming options but there are many to choose from [link to page anchor below showing services]. The world is your oyster!
Will I really save money by switching from cable internet + TV to fiber internet service + live TV streaming?
Have you looked at your cable bill lately? You may be surprised at how much you’re being charged for your cable bundle with internet and TV service. We know from our own experience that it’s likely well over $200/month, including box rental and other hidden fees.
Switch to FastBridge Fiber internet + live TV streaming and pay much less – we’re talking around $100/month less – for faster and more reliable service. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on things that count?
There are different types of streaming besides those for watching movies and series on-demand?
Streaming on-demand movies and TV series has shown us all that you don’t need cable TV service to access content. Now the same thing is happening with live TV.
You’ve probably been streaming for years and never realized it. Ever watched Netflix or a YouTube video? That’s streaming. Ever listened to music or a podcast? Also streaming.
The most important thing in streaming is a fast and reliable internet connection, and nothing beats fiber.
Is streaming really the new cable?
Most definitely. Streaming is the way of the future for both live TV and on-demand (think Netflix and Hulu) content. 
Once you stream your favorite channels you won’t ever think about the old ways again. Like remember when you took the plunge and got your first smart phone? Yeah…it’s like that. Trust us.
I know I need fiber internet, but can I still keep my cable TV service?
You sure can. You don’t have to cut the cord if you’re not ready. But remember – you’ll keep all the high charges that go along with it.
Once you’re using lightning-fast fiber internet we encourage you to test out various streaming platforms to get a feel for them (there are lots of free trials out there).
You’ll quickly realize you don’t need cable service to watch your channels and we think you’ll love all the user-friendly features they offer.
With streaming, can I watch from wherever I want? Like from another room, my backyard or even my vacation home?
That’s the beauty of streaming – it’s mobile. It’s available anywhere you have access to the internet. All you need is something to watch on, like a phone, a tablet, or a laptop.  Want to watch on your friend’s TV? Just plug your streaming device (e.g. Amazon Firestick or Roku) into their TV and get comfy.
Streaming is to TV what mobile phones are to landline phones. Stream at home or on the go!
Can fiber support my binge-watching habits without all the buffering I experience on cable?
Yes. Nothing beats fiber, especially when streaming.
Nobody wants to get right to the good part when your screen suddenly freezes. Ugh. That’s the worst!  With a lightning-fast fiber connection you may just forget about loading icons altogether!

How easy is it to start streaming over fiber?

Step 1

Choose your lightning-fast fiber internet plan 

Step 2

On your smart TV or streaming device, choose your live TV streaming service plus any on-demand services you’d like, download the apps and log in. Need help choosing? See our list below!

Step 3

You’re all set! Simply open your apps and start watching!